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When the stakes are high and you want to feel totally prepared

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Use my speechwriting service to turn your ideas into a winning presentation.

Do you honestly have the time, inclination and skills required to write a presentation you will truly enjoy giving and more importantly your audience will enjoy hearing?

Leading politicians and business people have long understood the importance of working with an expert speechwriter. You can benefit from this approach too!

Say ‘no’ to average presentations!

My speechwriting service will enable you to:

  • Save time and accelerate your progress as a speaker
  • Say ‘yes’ to more public speaking opportunities
  • Feel confident in your content and delivery
  • Engage your audience, from start to finnish
  • Increase your influence, impact and income

“For anyone who truly wants to inspire other people through the art of public speaking, I genuinely recommend you speak to Craig.”

Paul Rouke, CEO at PWRD

Turn my ideas into a winning presentation

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Here’s how it works…

The process is simple, painless and dare I say…fun!

  1. We have a chat (by phone or in person) and talk about your ideas, your audience and what is important to you
  2. I make notes and then shape what you said into an effective presentation
  3. You receive a draft script and you let me know any sections which you want changed
  4. I make the changes and you are ready to start rehearsing

How much does it cost?

Perhaps you are thinking this all sounds great, but what does it cost?

The answer is that the cost will depend on the length of your presentation and the amount of research that is required.

Given the power of  Public Speaking to advance your cause and attract new clients, the investment is affordable and makes sense for many companies.

FREE 30 minute consultation

To help us decide if we would work successfully together, I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation.

You can use this time to tell me about your ideas for the speech and to ask questions about my approach and experiences.

To request a consultation, simply fill-out the enquiry form and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

I book work up to 6 months in advance, so get in touch now rather than wait until the weeks running up to date of your presentation.

Request a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss your presentation

Turn my ideas into a winning presentation

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My basic philosophy is to show the audience you care, you understand their problems and are there to help solve those problems.