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Progress requires ‘great’ presentations. But most leaders don’t have the time to develop them. This puts their plans and hard-won reputation at risk. It’s frustrating too because they know their talks, although ‘good’, could be so much better.

Using my experience as a speaker, speechwriter and coach to TEDx Conference speakers, I help ambitious leaders to overcome the barriers to ‘great’ conference presentations.

My approach is simple and enjoyable. I’ll ask you interesting questions before crafting your ideas into a remarkable talk. All while you get on with other things.

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“On the day, I felt much calmer than usual. My presentation got a great reception!”

Emma Clancy

CEO, Certsure

“The talk was a hit! Your input was incredibly valuable. Thank you!

Kirsty Gogan-Alexander

Co-Founder, Terrapraxis

“Craig helped me inject some wow factor into my presentation.”

Zack Hocking

Head of Savings, Belmont Green Finance



High quality slides

Delivery feedback

“Craig will improve your speech tenfold.”

Kavita Sahai

CEO, 21 Drops


Gain Expert advice

Realise your potential

4 steps to your best ever presentation


We have an interesting conversation about your audience and how your presentation will help them.


I turn your ideas into a written draft presentation with high-impact presentation slides where appropriate whilst you get on with being a leader.


We discuss what is working well and where further attention is required to make your talk remarkable.


You receive all the content you need to start rehearsing for your best ever presentation.

Over regular Video Calls, we’ll develop your remarkable presentation. From initial planning to final rehearsal.

Common questions

How quickly will you understand my topic?

The answer is often a lot less than you might think as expressed by this happy client.

“I was really impressed with how quickly you understood the topic and the way you helped me to turn my ideas into a story.”

Are you suggesting I read from a script?

No, I’m certainly not! I understand that you don’t want to feel constrained by a script. We’ll focus on the real role of your script which is to help clarify what you really want to say, how best to say it and how long that will take. When planning your talk, we’ll discuss what works best for you. One approach that works well for many speakers was well summarised by this client:

“We decided to script the opening and close of my presentation and then use a structured set of bullet points for the middle. This gave me confidence at the start and end of the talk and made the middle section easy to remember.”

What's the cost?

You’ll appreciate that crafting great presentations is time intensive and so may be worried about the cost. Following our planning call, you’ll receive a customized plan that supports your goals and meets your budget.

Recognise the potential value of giving a great presentation may surprise you – as was the case for this delighted client.

“The value of a good speech and presentation is huge. I would never have appreciated it before as I do. Post-conference I had a tremendous amount of interest.”

What do you want to work on?

Develop a great new presentation

Enhance an existing presentation

Review a video of you speaking

About Craig

I’ve chosen to specialise in speechwriting because I love the variety and the opportunity to work with leaders that want to make a difference.

I work with a select group of leading business executives, entrepreneurs, social innovators and TEDx speakers. My focus is turning their best ideas into a presentation that will in some way change the world.

My journey as a speaker started 12 years ago when I discovered a public speaking club met just 200 yards from my house. Since discovering my passion, I’ve spoken at conferences, coached TEDx speakers and written presentations for leaders on a fascinating range of topics.

Count on me to guide you towards presentation success.

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