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Are your speakers ready to inspire action?

The current shift to online events offers an exciting opportunity to reach larger audiences. The challenge of course is that engaging audiences online is harder than at a face-face setting. To inspire action, speakers need to be prepared for the additional challenges of giving an online presentation.

preparing speakers for Online presentation success

The same fundamental principles of great public speaking apply to online presentations. The difference is that some of those principles become even more critical online.

To prepare effectively, we focus speakers on four key areas:

Clarity – It’s easier for the audience to get lost or confused when listening online. To combat this, we help speakers need to take their clarity of message to the next level.

Storytelling – To keep audiences engaged, we help speakers to find, shape and share experiences that bring out their passion. 

Q&A – Successful online events feature Q&A sessions. To make the desired impact, we get speakers ready to share their response in a concise and memorable way.

Voice – The quality of a speaker’s voice is put to the test when speaking online. If your experts are to speak in a second language, this is doubly important. To manage this, we help speakers to increase their vocal clarity and variety.

With the right preparation and feedback, medical experts can rise to the challenge of virtual presentations.

Speaker Training

“Loved the practical and powerful tools that Craig shared with us. They’ve helped me to give better presentations and I think more health care professionals should know how to use them”

Dr Susan Dent

Co-Director Cardio-Oncology Program, Duke University

Speaker Coaching

“Craig was an enormous help in getting our three speakers to organize their thoughts and present in a clear and precise manner. He helped them to get across their personalities and find the best ways to bring our presentation to life.”

Rachel Tomasi

Product Manager, Viiv Healthcare

Inspiring Presentations

“Craig gave a talk to our group of 76 doctors in the Trafford Division of the British Medical Association on ‘How to Add More Impact and Interest to Your Presentations’. The event was, without doubt, a resounding success.”

Dr Sarah Norman

Area Chair, British Medical Association

About Craig Millar

I’m passionate about helping healthcare professionals to make the most of their public speaking opportunities. We know their words have the power to transform the lives of patients by changing clinical practices.

Having worked with healthcare communication agencies and their clients for a number of years, I understand the compliance and regulatory challenges associated with peer to peer programs.

And as a Cicero Award-Winning speechwriter and coach to TEDx speakers, I’ve gained the skills and experience to help your key opinion leaders become even better speakers in both online and offline situations.

Home for me is near Manchester in the UK. I live there with my wife and three young daughters and have traveled widely to serve my clients in the healthcare industry. In the current climate, I deliver my support via the online tools like Skype and Zoom. 

Speechwriter and TEDx Speaker Coach, Craig Millar

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